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CEO Greeting

Q_iso Technology Co., Ltd. is a Leading Plant Engineering Corporation and have provided plant engineering services

based on "Computer-Aided 3D Centric Design" since its establishment in 2001.


The speedy development of information technology allows Q_iso to execute various engineering and design projects

at company local office as well as at partners’ offices and project site offices in real time through dedicated lines.

The exclusive network set-up by Q_iso helps its valuable partners to share the engineering and design data online.


In addition, numerous 3rd party programs necessary for effective plant engineering are readily available in Q_iso’s internal system. These resources have considerably strengthened Q_iso’s capability and functionality,

by automation of diverse activities that have previously been done manually by a number of engineers.

To flexibly and rapidly respond with any changes in engineering field of profession around the world,

Q_iso’s management and staff members are determined to make their utmost efforts to fulfill customers’ needs in every possible ways.

Thank you

CEO Gyeong Hwa Jeong

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